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Testimonial Picture of Deej (1)
Testimonial Picture of Deej (2)

This is hands down the BEST fitness program & (Gym) I have ever been part of . I have been to countless commercial gyms and worked with their personal trainers and never gotten the results I really wanted. Until I met Brian and Suzy The owners of VIP fitness . Not only are the staff AMAZING trainers they are All Fantastic people ! Caring and Educated in their craft . They have given me a totally different understanding of exercise and diet which has helped me achieve my “personal best” !

Not only am I physically stronger and loving the way I look and feel but I am also much more educated about food choices , I realized through VIP how many food & exercise “myths ” I had fallen victim to all these years .

WARNING !!!! You WILL get results here & you Will likely be addicted to the classes !! smile emoticon So be prepared for change and to look and feel better than EVER !!!!!

Testimonial Picture of Drew (1)
Testimonial Picture of Drew (2)

Working with Brian’s personal training team was not only incredible as far as results and information but also, fun! Yes, getting fit was extremely fun in such a positive, high energy, atmosphere! Brian really cares about his clients and their results. Going to VIP Fitness was one of the smartest things I have ever done. Been their for years now and plan to stay for years more. I love it!!

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Testimonial Picture of Selvie (2)

V.I.P 1 to 1 Fitness Center is hands down Fort Lee’s best kept secret! About a year ago I felt like I wasn’t able to keep up with my three kids. I knew it was time to make a change both physically and mentally. I contacted Brian Hernandez and have been training with Brian for less than 3 months. The compliments I began receiving about my shape, I had not heard in over a decade. Not to mention, the impact Brian has had on my overall well being is beyond descriptive. I have recommended Brian to 4 of my friends and they are as happy as I am with their results. All that I can say, if you are serious and committed to truly making a positive change, reach out to Brian and find out for yourself. This is the best decision I have ever made!!!!

Testimonial Picture of Susan (2)

My name is Susan, and I am stay at home mom who has tried everything under the sun when it comes to weight loss and fitness programs with little or no success until I stumbled upon your program.I want you to know how thankful I am for the results that I am experiencing with your “VIP Group Fitness” program because I’ve struggled with my excess baby weight ever since my daughter little Sarah was born just 18 months ago.

I’ll be completely honest…
Before I tried your “VIP Group Fitness” Program I’ve never given any feedback on any workout program that I’ve done before because – NONE OF THEM EVER WORKED FOR ME! With that in mind, I thought that it was especially important for me to write you and share my amazing success story with you. In the first 10 days I dropped 10 pounds, and 2 dress sizes and I’m not stopping there till I reach my goal! 🙂

Testimonial Picture of Han Joo Kwak (1)
Testimonial Picture of Han Joo Kwak (2)

VIP Fitness Center gave me the tools to transform my workout routine. The staff taught me everything from proper workouts to eating right. VIP Fitness Center motivates you to change your life through healthy living. The trainers are all friendly, knowledgeable , diverse, and professional. I highly recommend VIP Fitness Center for anyone looking to get in shape or take your current fitness to the next level.

Han Joo Kwak
Testimonial Picture of Chris Brown (1)
Testimonial Picture of Chris Brown (2)

I came in to vip fitness with a picture of a body i wanted. i said to Brian “can you make me look like this?” his reply was i will make you look even better! brian was right. i have gained 15lbs of muscle and lost most of my body fat. vip is the real deal they can make it happen.

Chris Brown
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Testimonial Picture of Jeff Mayer (2)

Thanks guys for making me feel and act…young and stupid again!! Lol! Xoxo Jeff Jeffrey Mayer CEO/LBU inc.

Jeff Mayer
Testimonial Picture of Peter Kim (1)
Testimonial Picture of Peter Kim (2)

I’m a forty year old male who has been out of shape for thirty nine years and change. With friendly and knowledgeable help from the staff of V. Fitness center, I’ve lost nearly twenty pounds in two month period. The help includes how to exercise right and the right diet for the specific exercise.
It was single most effective and quickest result I’ve experienced!!

Peter Kim
Testimonial Picture of Linda (2)

My name is Linda, and I’m writing you today to tell you about my positive experience with the “VIP Group Fitness” program that I recently completed. Over the last month, I have made so many positive changes in the way I think about myself, in the way my body feels, as well as the way I approach exercise and nutrition. The positive encouragement and sound guidance that I received set the tone for me to lose 7lbs in the first 4 weeks! Wow! I have struggled to lose weight my entire life, and because of your “VIP Group Fitness” program I don’t have to struggle anymore and can finally see a real change in the way that I look and the way that I feel. Thank you so much for all your help, you’ve changed my life and my body for the better! Taking the leap of faith and doing this program was the best decision I ever made for my body.

Testimonial Picture of Mitchell Lynn (2)

I started working out at VIP fitness about 7 months ago. I turned 50 this year and really thought I was finished with having a good body. When my daughter said to me “Daddy, you have man boobs”, I realized it was time to get back into the gym. I have worked out with trainers in the past, but I never lasted more than a few weeks because I always got injured. So I was very skeptical at first. Brian sized me up perfectly and i have been going twice a week since i started. When I complain that my back or shoulder hurts, we always seem to be able to work through the stiffness. I now know, it is only stiffness, and not injuries. I can say that I am in as good as physical shape as I was when I was 20. My arms and chest are ripped. I asked my daughter the other day what she thought of my ‘Man boobs” and she said, Daddy, “those are muscles'”. I have recommended at least two more people to Brian and VIP fitness.

Mitchell Lynn
Testimonial Picture of Lauren Pacailler (1)
Testimonial Picture of Lauren Pacailler (2)

I’m really happy I joined VIP Fitness Center! Working with Brian has been amazing experience. When I first started I wanted to get into a better shape, he changed my diet and exercise routine. Brian knows his stuff and you really have to change your lifestyle if you really want to get strong. I highly recommend VIP Fitness Center.

Lauren Pacailler
Testimonial Picture of Eugene Kim (1)
Testimonial Picture of Eugene Kim (2)

It’s been two months since I’ve started coming here. I was looking to change my lifestyle and the trainers here have provided me the tools, motivation, accountability, and knowledge to get me to where I need to be, thanks to the trainers.
I started off wayyy overweight and my blood pressure sky high at 180/100. In the two months I’ve been coming, I’ve lost 20 pounds and my blood pressure has normalized to 120/80. Not only have I lost 20 pounds in a short time, but I’ve gained muscle and it shows when I look in the mirror. The trainers will work on providing you your own personalized workout regiment and your diet.
The trainers provide you with the knowledge to working out for your specific needs whether you want to body build, slim down, manage your blood pressure, whatever your body needs is what they’ll put you into training for. If you want to body build, if you want to get your weight and blood pressure under control, if you want a trainer that will motivate you and keep you from gaining pounds, this is the place. They have the knowledge and experience to get you from looking and feeling better everyday.
What you’re getting here is a completely personalized experience. Not some generic chain gym where their trainers are second rate. Let’s be honest, those chain gyms are going to give you some free training session with a trainer but that never gets you anywhere. At VIP Fitness, you’re getting a truly hands on experience in where they will tailor a plan to your goal. Not only that, the trainers are all qualified, knowledgeable, and most importantly, personable.
Don’t waste your money by going to some generic membership gym where you’ll only go for the first week. Invest your money into your life, invest your money to extend your life and health and look good doing it. VIP Fitness is the place to go.

Eugene Kim
Testimonial Picture of Hope (1)
Testimonial Picture of Hope (2)

I was frustrated and not satisfied with the results I was getting at the gym, and I saw a friend who looked amazing and he told me he was going to VIP. Of course, I went over , met Brian, and haven’t looked back since. I was always afraid of weights (thinking they would make me bigger). Boy was I wrong!
Plus they developed a food plan just for me and it works! I’m not hungry, and I always feel satisfied .
I think everyone should try VIP……….it works!
Hope F.

Testimonial Picture of Nancy lucianna (1)
Testimonial Picture of Nancy lucianna (2)

These guys are hands-down the best. They totally get what what its like to juggle staying fit on top of everything else you’ve got going on. They have customized my workouts and schedules to fit my goals and wants. I can’t imagine ever getting a better experience anywhere else.

Nancy lucianna
Testimonial Picture of Nancy Sanchez (1)
Testimonial Picture of Nancy Sanchez (2)

“This is what’s it’s all about – professional attention and the right results. I would recommend VIP Fitness to anyone who’s serious about getting and staying fit. I leave every session knowing I got my money’s worth. And the entire staff is nothing less than friendly and professional. I’m hooked!”

Nancy Sanchez
Testimonial Picture of Bobby Barbagallo (1)
Testimonial Picture of Bobby Barbagallo (2)

My training sessions at VIP has been a rewarding experience that has transformed me physically as well as mentally. They know what you are capable of and that there is always room to improve. The big “50” is just around the corner and I’ve never been healthier,stronger and happier! In my line of work handling 15-20 dogs a day is possible thanks to VIP Fitness!

Bobby Barbagallo
Testimonial Picture of Ray Barbagallo (1)
Testimonial Picture of Ray Barbagallo (2)

I’ve been training all my life but never knew what potential I could achieve until VIP gave me the direction to accomplish something I thought I could never attain. I’m the guy like many others that wants to build muscle, gain weight without adding on unwanted pounds and just grow. My brother gave me a few training sessions for a birthday present and to my surprise I put on those 12 pounds of substantial size in 4 months! I went in thinking it was a thoughtful gift but one I definitely didn’t need. I was amazed at what Brian Hernandez did the first three sessions. He not only took me to that level of building muscle but also put me into a place in which I actually got excited about training again. Like it was the very first time. I have to admit, it was the best gift to date. Not only did Brian kick up and boost me into the right gear he gave me a nutritionally balanced plan I absolutely rely on. I tend to think that Brian, Steve, Nick and whoever might else train clients at VIP fitness take it a few steps further. They focus on the individual client they are training with. Thank you Brian, you told me I could do it and I did. My suggestion would be for anyone who has any doubt that they can’t achieve a goal that they might have been working a long time to get, maybe with another trainer or just not being able to do it on there own. VIP is the key, it was for me.

Ray Barbagallo
Testimonial Picture of Milena Kish (1)
Testimonial Picture of Milena Kish (2)

If you want a lean and healthy body, go to VIP fitness center! Each trainer is determined to get you the results you need. BRIAN IS THE BEST for his dedication and his positive reinforcement! Without his help, I would never be where I’m at today! GO TO VIP! You won’t be upset.

Milena Kish