Brian Hernandez is a fitness and nutrition consultant. He pursued a degree in food science and has personal training certifications from various nationally recognized certifications such as NSCA, AFAA and ISSA. Brians’ passion for health and exercise originated since his childhood and through his dedication has developed a fitness expert leading him and others to live a healthy lifestyle. Brian continues to educate himself for professional development and accordingly refreshes and improves his knowledge and personalized fitness programs. He understands societies needs for health and fitness reform, Brian dedicates his exercise, nutrition and consulting services to promote improving the quality of society, one person at a time. He designs personalized plans for fitness management and long term results. From general fitness routines, fat-burning specific workouts, to sport-specific training regimen, he has the resources and knowledge to help you reach your goal. By appointment only, Brian welcomes all to a complimentary introductory consultation in order to facilitate those interested in improving their fitness.


Hi! My name is Cyril Morris

Cyril Morris has been a personal trainer for almost two decades. He has been passionate about fitness most of his life. Cyril’s personal training service features fast visual results as well as vivid increase in strength and health. Being on a wrestling team in high school Cyril learned that the proper coaching is the key to success. His early life inspired him to help others and for them to reach their goals. He made it his life mission to be the best trainer he could be and has dedicated himself to teaching clients how to live healthier lives.


Hi! My name is Sarkis Berberian

Sarkis Berberian- certifications: NSCA (national strength and conditioning association), CPR/AED. Diploma: NPTI (National Personal Trainer Institute) Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition, Bio- Mechanics, Circuit Training, Sports Specific Training, Plyometrics, interval training, Total Body Aerobic & Anaerobic Conditioning.Sarkis began training friends and family while in High School, in sports specific and weight loss management such as basketball, football, soccer, as well as weight loss programs. He has been training for almost 10 years, athletes of all ages, everyday working professional men and women, and seniors of all careers. Sarkis was once, and still is an athlete from childhood to present day, still involved in numerous competitive basketball leagues around the east coast, and as far as the Middle East. Sarkis has a true passion for helping people achieve their goals, and completely changing their lifestyle and well being. Constantly improving his knowledge of fitness and heath with great pace and moral, and always willing to learn something new to benefit the goals of everyone.


Hi! My name is Miguel

Miguel is a Fitness and Nutritional Consultant certified by the International Sports Science Association with a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science & Nutrition from Montclair State University. Miguel’s professional profile and experience include: 16 years of fitness training, goal specific dieting, competitive bodybuilding, positive mindset conditioning and fitness modeling. His personal training approach fosters those concerned with living a healthier and aesthetically appealing lifestyle. In order to advance in health and aesthetics, Miguel anticipates a mutual regulation when training and dieting, emphasizing, “a winner makes commitments and a loser makes promises.” Miguel’s training methods demonstrate appreciation and enforcement of a physical and mental well being leading to the best life has to offer in regards to personal health and fitness.



Hi! My name is Oscar Onoz

Oscar came tScreen Shot 2015-12-03 at 3.27.32 PMo the career of personal training out of his passion for helping others and of his interest in learning how to optimize human performance……how to constantly improve in every aspect of life. There was a time when he was diagnosed with morbid obesity, hypertension and sleep apnea. He made an agreement with himself that if he was able to dramatically improve his health, he would commit help others who are on the same quest. He has been training for over 10 years. Proper exercise, nutritional and mental strategies are all part of a successful program.